FTX YO! – May 15th At The ROCKY Statue, Philadelphia Museum Of Art

FTX YO! INVITE – MAY 15th, 2010
FTX #15

it’s 1982 and i own two records.
pac-man fever and the rocky III soundtrack.

i remember sitting on the maroon carpet of my parents living room floor in our south jersey home, staring at that rocky album cover, angling it as the sunlight from our window hit it, hearing the crackle and hiss as i reset the needle on the player to spin “eye of the tiger” over and over again.

it was a summer when the driving force of that song was playing from passing 70s machines. it was a film with BOTH hulk hogan and mr. t!!! and with lines like “that guy’ll kill you to death!” it would for me always be hard to top. hard to top indeed.

i hadn’t seen rocky or rocky II yet but was completely blown away by this newest bout.

but rocky III was more than just a movie for me. it was my first taste of the underdog story. as many of my closest friends know, the story of the underdog has and is an important one in my life. i have always identified with the outsider and even more so to rocky, a southpaw from philly. to me it wasn’t the story of a boxer but the story of a fighter. it stirred in me the belief that sheer will power, hard work and faith could take you the distance.

it wasn’t until later in my life that i realized i had missed one essential point in that story.

the power of friendship.

rocky never went it alone. and once i stopped trying to do just that my life started to come together. because in the end, you’re only as strong as the people in your corner.

and the people in my corner are legendary.

so i’m calling out to all of you to come and celebrate with the FTX gang one more time in the city of my birth – philadelphia!!!!

just across the river from my childhood home in jersey, to the right of the art museum steps, is the physical reminder of what ignited my desire to fight and to believe that i could become more. the rocky statue! the place for our upcoming FTX YO!

and on saturday, may 15th at 9am we’re going to set up and hand out some knock-out french toast and hugs! that’s right, almost 28 years to the day of the release of the film!

feel free to pass on the attached flyer and here’s a link to a map to where you’ll find us:

if you’ve never been to an FTX event click on the following link for a unique opportunity to see a 360 degree view of our last one in downtown los angeles. much thanks to tim for putting this together!


and after you’re done with that see it for yourself and come on down may 15th for some tasty good times and a free copy of the super funky FTX YO! soundtrack!

i’ll bet when you’re driving home and you pop in the new mix and hit play, you will almost hear that crackle and hiss as i start that record over one more time.

eye of the tiger baby. eye of the tiger.


on the morning of may 15th, i’ll post a last minute FTX update on our facebook FTX wall as we head out. to find and sign up for the facebook FTX page please go here:


and of course please check out and sign up if you haven’t already on our official page!!!!


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