FTX Roll Call!! (FTX 102, FTX 112, FTX 130)

Our three newest recruits!!!

Andrew ‘AJ’ Johnson – FTX 102

I met AJ in 2012 in the desert of Namibia on “Mad Max – Fury Road”.
A steadicam operator, I remember AJ yelling out his lens size to me over the roar of a legion of muscle cars as the sands of Africa would whip by us.

Dan Bethell – FTX 112

I also met Dan on “Mad Max” as he was our VFX Supervisor for the Action Unit.

There is always a calmness in Dan that I admire, even during the mania of a film like “Fury Road”. I trusted Dan so much that I made him one of my grillers when we did FTX Namibia and had his spatula engraved with a note from me.

Linda Narvaez – FTX 130

Dr. Linda Narvaez has been my personal doctor for longer than I remember.

My father, a huge influence in my life, was always my personal physician until I moved from New Jersey to California. Which meant any doctor I chose after him would have big big boots to fill. Dr Narvaez fits that bill. Going to see her is seeing a close friend and something I always look forward to.

In 2009 she flew out to Philadelphia for FTX Love.

At one of her previous offices she even put an FTX sticker on her waiting room window next to Visa/Mastercard as one of her accepted forms of payment!

Welcome 102, 112, and 130!!!! We are honored to have you in our Gang!

As always, you can see our full roster here:
FTX Gang Roster


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