FTX Roll Call

January 1, 2020

To my FTX Gang,

Since my last FTX Roll Call in August of 2018 we’ve had seven new recruits!

As always, you can see our full roster on our site here:

FTX Gang Members

Without further ado:

From left to right:

FTX 230: Darienne Alphonso
FTX 82: Richard McMahon
FTX 743: Pierre Roelofs

Three Australian legends!
FTX 230: Darienne Alphonso
I met Darienne in 2017 while working in the Gold Coast on ‘Aquaman’. Easily one of the hardest workers on that show, Darienne is a can-do person. I knew as I was planning FTX Gold that year that I could depend on Darienne because her word is truth. She was essential then at FTX Gold and in 2019 at FTX Melbourne.
FTX 82: Richard McMahon
I met Richard in 2007 in India for the wedding of our friend Rajni (FTX 28). We reconnected in 2017 when he flew up from Melbourne and threw down for FTX Gold! I can honestly say without his help FTX Melbourne (2019) would not have happened. He supplied almost everything: vehicle, coolers, tables, location scouting – for free.
A quick story: When I was boarding to fly from the Gold Coast to Melbourne with my historic FTX grills the airline pilot decided they weren’t allowed to be on his plane even though no propane fuel was inside or attached to them. The airline kindly offered to throw the very grills that have fed thousands worldwide into the trash! Instead I quickly put them in an airport locker, sent worried messages to my FTX Melbourne crew (FTX 14, 23, and 82) as I boarded and upon landing was taken to a local store by Richard to purchase a new grill. People like Richard are priceless because even in your weakest moment they stand by you and make you stronger than you ever were before.
FTX 743: Pierre Roelofs
Pierre is a renowned dessert chef who lives in Melbourne with his wife Michelle (FTX 14) and their lovely children Garcia and Bernadette. Of course if I was only thinking of myself and the needs of FTX I would have leaped at getting a real chef into our gang! But Pierre is Stone Cold far beyond his skills at making the perfect batter. He’s someone I know I can rely on to put his heart into what he does as I’ve seen him do time and time again with his family. Having him in charge of our batter for FTX Gold and Melbourne not only gave me peace of mind but also some solid gold tips on how to make it better.

FTX 94: Ethan Shvartzman

I met Ethan thru his partner and our legendary FTX Member James (FTX 79).

Ethan delivers. Whether it’s at FTX Paris or FTX Standing Rock in 2016 or FTX Portland in 2018, I know I can always count on him.

I’m sure you can see a running theme here.
FTX Gang Members’ words and actions are one.

From left to right:
FTX 121: Grace Mirisch
FTX 116: Sophie Mirisch

Sophie and Gracie are the daughters of Belen (FTX 26) and Richard (FTX 113).

A true Stone Cold FTX Family.

Sophie and Grace were always destined to be Stone Cold with parents like Belly and Richard to show them the path.

In fact Gracie threw down in 2009 when we did our first FTX Downtown Los Angeles and fed 700 people in need.

It’s an honor to have an FTX Family within our FTX Family.
I love you both.

FTX 321: Jacquie Barnbrook

I first worked with Jacquie in 2003 on ‘The Haunted Mansion’ and was taken with her quick sense of humor and love of life. She’s just always one of those people that you feel good around.

My intention to not ask for or take monetary donations to fund FTX has for the most part always been in place because as Cyndi Lauper sang “Money Changes Everything”. But over the years Jacquie would send us donations if she couldn’t attend. Coming from her it never felt like money, it just felt like she was there standing beside us.

Because in truth she always has.

Your FTX numbers are yours and yours alone. Like each of you, they are unique and never to come again.

I am saddened to let you know of the passing of one of our founding members.

Percy – FTX 4

I met Percy thru his momma Daisy (FTX 5). A sweet little boy who traveled our earth with his mom spreading goodwill and love. As those of you who met them know, they were a force of nature when together. Much like John and Yoko, their names were always connected just as their hearts.

Percy was our one and only pup recipient of an FTX shirt which later became golden yellow heart tags for our animal members’ collars.

After his passing Daisy had his FTX number 4 and the tag she got him tattooed on her ankle.

I will miss you forever my sweet friend.

And so we find ourselves beginning another year.
I wish love, peace, and happiness to you all as we stand together as friends.

Love always,


Toast, Daisy, and Percy
Friends Forever
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