ftx three, jodphur india, november 2004
(not officially an ftx soundtrack, it was a compilation I made for the crew in India but a lot of the tracks on this disc were played at the ftx event.)

ftx six central park, new york city, june 21, 2006

ftx eleven, viaduct, auckland, new zealand: april 20, 2008

ftx_auckland_sndtrk copy

ftx twelve, east sixth and towne, los angeles, ca,  jan 24, 2010

ftx_downtown_sndtrk copy

ftx thirteen,

ftx ♥ ny soundtrack

ftx fourteen, downtown 2, 2010


ftx eighteen children’s park, swakopmund, namibia, sept 30, 2012


ftx nineteen, Motor City, September 14th, 2014

ftx motor city soundtrack