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my friend ellen was kind enough to write about her experience at the FTX Downtown 2 event that took place on january 24th, 2010.

go here to check it out or read below! thanks ellen!!!!


February 2, 2010

French Toast & Hugs Downtown 2–Follow Up

Just this month, I posted an event notification for my friend’s group, who gave away french toast on skid row in downtown LA last Sunday morning. I finally got my pictures uploaded to my computer, so here’s the follow up on the event. We had great weather, a huge crew, and an even bigger line of customers! The line stretched down the sidewalk for a block or more. I arrived in the middle of the event, about two hours after it started, and it was still totally busy. I was really impressed with the organization and how smoothly everything was run. Even the trash was collected as it went–I think we left Towne St cleaner than when we arrived!
Trying to fit the entire FTX gang into frame from across the table–the line wouldn’t break long enough to widen out!
My friend Shyam, the founder of FTX, manned one grill. If you’ve never checked out his site, it’s great. It includes slideshows and video clips of past events as well as a mailing list to be notified of the next one. He even puts together a soundtrack for each event, and hands out copies of them as well.
Shyam’s dog Daisy, who inspired the endeavor from the start. Find Daisy’s story here.
Some of the great volunteers working the line. Stations included handing out the toast, syrup, whipped cream, powdered sugar, fruit, and a bottle of water. At the end of the line were the prep stations where fruit was peeled and cut.
Near the beginning of the line, embellishing your plate with toppings.
Manning a grill….
A satisfied customer, and his plate full of fruit and whipped cream.
Even the volunteers got a slice!
Some cute kids joined the party.
The best part: could hardly keep the food around long enough to photograph….What a spectacular day!

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