FTX 68 / Cristina Dedication Speech

hi. this is the speech i read before we began FTX Downtown 2 on january 24th, 2010 in los angeles. thanks for reading.

january 24th, 2010

many of you never got to meet Cristina.
and i’m sorry for that.
she is a person filled with the vitality and hope and spirit of life
like a brilliant sunny day at the start of spring.
she is someone who taught me to shout out that i am alive, that i love life!
she is someone who helped me realize i deserved to be loved, as we all do.
i write “is” because although her body passed to breast cancer last year her light has not.

i do not believe that we are ever lost.
i believe that our actions will always carry us on.
i believe unconditional love is the most powerful force on this planet.

and so today, on our 14th ftx, i thank you for your action.
you are here.
and i remind you that being here today is an act of unconditional love.
two gifts you have honored me with time and time again.
i thank you for standing by me as i stand by you.
as more than friends. as more than family. as more than a gang.

as love.

and so please join me as i dedicate this ftx to Cristina. our ftx #68.

this ones for her.

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