FTX JULY 4th!!!!

hey everyone!!

so I just wanted to send you a quick reminder that the 4th of July is right around the corner!! and so is FTX Philadelphia!! or as I like to call it FTX Love because we plan on holding it at Love Park in Philadelphia.

click here for a google map:

click here for the flyer:

so come on down for some fun french toast and hugs action!!!! we’ll be starting around 9am. if you don’t see us there then just call the number on the flyer for a location update.

and if you get there early enough pick up a free copy of the newest funky FTX mix cd that has a handful of celebrated philly artists on it.

but is one FTX 4th of July event enough????!!!!
the people have spoken and the word is NO!!!!!!!!

that’s right a SECOND FTX 4th Of July Spectacular (i added the spectacular!) is happening in Husum, Washington. if you’re in the area come on down to the 3rd annual Husum Pride Parade and .1k fun run. This event will be hosted by none other than FTX #9 & FTX #10 (john & regina!!!!)

click here for a google map:

and finally if you don’t already know about it, FTX has a facebook group page. if you’d like to sign up then head on over. and send the word to your facebooky friends too!!!!


while you’re at it don’t forget to sign up on the official FTX site:

I hope to see you all in philly OR you make it to out to husum!!!!

ftx love to you all.

ftx 1

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