FTX LOVE – 4th Of July, Philly BABY Philly!!!!

hi everyone!

well can you feel it??! the summer is coming!!!!

naps in hammocks!
dogs playing, kids laughing, fresh cut grass, bicycles built for two and soft serve ice cream with rainbow sprinkles!
long days, soft nights and a breeze that reminds you of your childhood.

all this is true and right around the corner. and so is the french toast & hugs gang!

we’re coming to celebrate independence day in the city of brotherly love – philadelphia!!

that’s right ftx #13 is on!!!! (thirteen just might be my new lucky number!)

come 9am saturday the 4th of july we’ll be at love park in philly. it’s located at 1500 arch street, between north 15th & 16th streets.

click here for a google map:

and we’d love it if you’d join us. we’ll be handing out the very best french toast with as many toppings as we can find. and lets not forget the great hugs too as well as my new music mix containing many amazing philadephia artists!

the city of philadelphia, my birth city, celebrates the 4th like none other. there are parades and live music and fireworks everywhere. which does make it a little bit tricky on knowing where to plan an ftx event. so on the day, if for some reason we can’t make it into love park, give my number on the flyer a call. it’ll have a voice message update on where we are.

if anyone in the area has any spare large sized coolers we could borrow, we can use about three of them. and if you have a good sized folding table that would be great too!
please email me if you have any of these and i’ll pick them up before the event.
otherwise i think we’re closing in on being ready!!!!

i hope to see you there, old friends and new.

but until then all the best to you.

love shyam

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