ftx kcrw interview reminder….

hey everyone!!

just a quick reminder that my interview on KCRW about French Toast & Hugs (FTX) will be airing this saturday at 11am pacific standard time.

i’m super excited that our gang is reaching more and more people.
to be honest i can hardly believe it!!

you can find a quick blurb on their site about this week’s show as well as pictures of Henry, Jenn, Michelle, Chris H., Chris A., Alex & Scott from our FTX Times Sq & FTX C. Park events in 2006!

they even mention our upcoming FTX Philadelphia – i guess we’re committed now!! ☺


i believe after the show airs and you go to the above link you will be able to post comments about the show. i figure it might be a cool way to get the word out about FTX.

anyhow that’s it from me.

big love to you all.

french toast evangelist!

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