ftx meets kcrw (February 28th)

hi everyone, just a quick note from me.

ftx #38, henry cline, used his considerable influence and got
me an interview about ftx on KCRW’s radio show “Good Food”.
it’s hosted by evan kleiman and covers a lot of food related topics.

for those of you that don’t live in los angeles, KCRW is a radio station
located in Santa Monica that is broadcast on 89.9 FM and can also be heard
on its internet radio website www.kcrw.com.

“Good Food” is broadcast on Saturdays from 11am to 12 noon
but you can also listen to episodes online or download an episode mp3 at their website:


this is the first time i’ve been interviewed and let me tell you i was
plenty nervous. i had a huge list in front of me about people/things i
wanted to mention which i completely forgot when the phone
rang for the interview!

i even forgot to mention henry cline’s amazing website
which the host evan was kind enough to remember and said
she would post on the KCRW website.

anyhow it’s all a blur! harriet ells, the show’s producer, said
it will be broadcast in next weeks show, which is saturday
February 28th.

please also check out FTX #49’s website.
young brother dalton, the 15 year old kid who dunked bred for
500 people at ftx downtown, has decided to start his own FTX called FTX SO CAL.
he plans to do ftxs in southern california and i am behind him 110%.

his site is at:


i have tentative plans to do the next ftx in my birthcity of philadelphia, pa.
i hope to do it on saturday, july 4th (what better day to do it in
phili i ask you???). i’ll keep you all posted.

that’s it for me for now.

as always, if you’d like to be removed from my ftx mailing list
please don’t hesitate to let me know.

love shyam

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