Daisy Mae – FTX 1

Daisy Mae - FTX 1
FTX 1 Loves FTX 1

October 11th, 2015
Daisy Mae – FTX 1

FTX was born of friendship.

as simple and as powerful as that.
the friendship of two brown street kidz – myself and my pal daisy mae.

if you don’t know the story then head on over here for the full LEGEND!
complete with official FTX theme song! that’s right we have a song and it’s about time it was heard.


daisy taught me so much.

that brown is the color of love.
that sharing a meal can change the world.
that none of us have to ever go it alone.

i added the french toast and she added the hugs.
and together we set out to turn strangers into family.
the best of families. one born of trust, respect and love.

like john and yoko, daisy and i are equals.
so much so that we both share the same FTX gang number of 1.
in our world 1+1 always equaled 1.

today my lovely brown friend passed on from our world.
some might think of her as only a dog but they would be wrong.
she is on par with gandhi and king and peace pilgrim.
with her open heart daisy connected hundreds of people the world over and fed thousands upon thousands.

more than anyone i have ever met, daisy changed my life for good.

she will always be FTX 1.
as will i.
but today i feel less.

today 1+1 doesn’t equal 1.

love toast

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