FTX ♥ NY – September 11th, 2011 – Battery Park, NYC

august 13th, 2011

hello my friends, shyam here with the French Toast & Hugs Gang!!!!

it’s been awhile since last i wrote and a lot has happened but for now i’m just going to tell you about a recent moment in my life.

it was a perfect sunny day in my new home of ojai and i was walking along listening to music on my headphones trying to pick out songs for a mix cd i was going to hand out on my upcoming wedding day (like i said, a lot has happened! 🙂 ).

i was excited about the beautiful unknown hill my life was about to crest and feeling connected to every person i passed by.

my then beautiful bride to be, b, loves the beatles and i have never known much of their music so i dove in hoping to surprise her with a track or two from them when john lennon’s imagine began to play.

we all know this beautiful song but i had never really heard it until that instant.

it was one of those moments where time slowed and you could see the dust floating in the sunstreaked air.

i can only remember this happening to me once in my life before.

and without realizing it i had veered off thinking about my wedding and new life and  was rambling down the familiar road we call FTX when i heard my heart speak asking “what day is september 11th this year?”

i immediately looked it up and found fortune had placed it on a sunday!

that was it. our next public FTX (we did a small one at our wedding) would be in the city of NY on sunday september 11th!


so please come to battery park, nyc at 9am and join us as we hand out all the unconditional love we can muster for the people of this wonderful city.

i know that the date has a lot of meaning for everyone and i respect that.

as for me, i’m looking for the feeling i had on that sunny day in ojai.

a feeling of connection with life.

because we are all here now and what greater gift is there than that?

(except maybe have the mayor declare battery park – batter park!!!!)

so come on down and enjoy some tasty french toast, good music and friendship.

the bred is from a local baker who says he only bakes for happy occasions!

and the soundtrack mix we’re handing out ends with the very same song that started it all.

this FTX is unusual for me because i have had to rely entirely on the kindness of others to plan it as i find myself far far from home. i want to thank the enormous hearts of ana, sam & b for the gift of their energy.

we hope to see you there.

love shyam


here’s a google map of battery park:


please check our facebook page on the day for an update status on exactly where we are as things can sometimes change. 🙂

also if you haven’t already, please sign up on our new facebook page because they will soon be shutting down the older version due to a new policy.


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