FTX New Recruits – FTX 62, FTX 63, FTX 64 & FTX 71!!!!

FTX INDUCTEES – FTX 62, FTX 63, FTX 64 & FTX 71!!!!



hey gang! i hope these summer months (for us over here in the states!) are finding you happy and well. i have found myself addicted to frozen yogurt and a renewed love of water slides!! 🙂


back in may we had our 15th FTX in Philadelphia and right around that time i inducted four new recruits into the gang!

please join me as i welcome in….



FTX 62

Taylor Rockwell!!!!

when i met Taylor at FTX #10 – Echo Park back in the winter of 2007 not only didn’t i realize i  was meeting someone who would become another stone cold FTX member, but i was also meeting a new and good friend.


Taylor was invited to that event by my future girlfriend Brandy (our future FTX 110!) and over time i got to know her better and the many things i love about her.


her sarcastic sense of humor is equal to her quick and easy laugh. and that laugh always makes me feel good like a sunny day in a hammock.


i soon learned how big her heart is but it wasn’t until FTX YO! that i realized how hard of a worker she is too. that day had not one but two locations and i have memories of her hauling the heavy coolers and goods without stopping and then spending the rest of the day working the toppings table.


i mean it when i say it, Taylor you are one of the best gifts i received back in Echo Park on that 1st of December.



FTX 63

Travis Barone!!!!

when i first heard of Travis it wasn’t by exactly that name. it was “Sweet Trav”!


during my high school years growing up in New Jersey i became close friends with the Ellis family. as you can see with THREE of them represented in FTX (FTX 15, FTX 16 & FTX 17)!!!!


one day after i moved to California, Jamie – FTX 15, told me her younger sister Tricia was dating a wonderful guy the whole family loved – “Sweet Trav”.


so in time i eventually got to meet him and what can i say? he IS sweet!!


he’s got a huge heart and i admire how brave it is when he shows how much he loves our Tricia. it doesn’t get much more stone cold than that.


welcome to the gang my brother.



FTX 64

Tricia Ellis!!!!

did i just write there are THREE Ellis’s in FTX?!?! i meant FOUR!!!!

i’ve known Tricia since she was a stone cold little girl in glasses.

well let me tell you, only the glasses have changed!


in college i made a strange short video about squirrel puppets trying to take over the world with poisoned nuts and i will always remember little Tricia’s highly vocal support of it when she yelled out “ I love ‘Those Dem Nuts!’ ”.


Tricia, you supported my heart then as you do now. i guess that’s what a good family does.


you’ve always been on my short list for FTX but i like to do things in my own time. thanks so much for waiting little sister.



FTX 71

Sam Mau!!!!

i met Sam in Melbourne back in 2005 as i randomly passed her office and noticed a new Nick Cave album sitting there. she let me borrow it and we quickly became friends sharing music and stories these past 5 years.


Sam is someone that stands up for herself as well as the people in her life in that uniquely Australian way.


as I believe FTX 50 said about her, “it’s great to meet someone who you know immediately is your friend for life”.



so please join in me in welcoming our newest recruits



today i realized after writing about them that we could very easily substitute the word “gang” for “family” after FTX.






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