i  wanted to write you about our four newest recruits!!!!

i keep a short list of future members and i’m happy to know these four are no longer on my list but on this one:


and now without further ado!!

FTX 59

Audrey The Great Dane!!!!

what can i say? i knew Audrey was stone cold the moment i met her. she’s always up for telling a good joke and with her continual curlicue smile you know that there are plenty more she’s not saying! not only that but she gives HUGE hugs with not only her arms but her neck! an FTX first!!!!

FTX 60

Sarah McKaig!!!!

i met Sarah just last year while working in nyc. from the get go she exhibited a true energy and heart that could be nothing else but FTX. her spirit and enthusiasm for the good things in life (including fried bred!) is contagious as could be seen by the people she brought down to FTX LOVE last year on a bus trip from the big apple and the hugs she delivered upon arrival. and when FTX DOWNTOWN 2 was announced she was among the first to ask to be put to work! i am always stunned by a giving heart.

FTX 61

Shawn Marie Turi!!!!

i never met Shawn until the morning of FTX DOWNTOWN 2 but i feel like i’ve known her for quite some time. almost a year ago she posted a comment on our FTX blog about FTX LOVE. although she wasn’t at the event she had heard of it and was inspired by what she read. not only that but she loved the soundtracks (a surefire way into my heart)!


both henry and i took notice of her heartfelt comments.

i didn’t hear from her until i announced the FTX DOWNTOWN 2 event but when i did i was amazed. not only was her excitement uncontainable but she repeatedly kept offering so much help that i couldn’t say no. she brought tables from orange county just on the chance that i might need them. and she brought her friends too. on the morning of january 24th when of course she was already there waiting for me in downtown la it was like meeting an old friend. and of course i was.

and last but not least….

FTX 70

Sandy Anne Yadav!!!!

my mom! 🙂 it may seem strange or funny or wrong that it took this long for her to get into the gang but i’m a firm believer in every thing in it’s own time.

and now is the time! my mom was the one who woke up each and every morning that i went to school and made me a good solid breakfast. every single day. and french toast was the top of my list. i can’t tell you how many times she made it for me but when i think of french toast i see HER french toast. made on simple white bred with cinnamon and maple syrup and love.

a veteran of FTX LOVE my mom flew in to los angeles for DOWNTOWN 2. on the morning of the event it was just me and her, up at 5:30am cutting bowls of strawberries and bananas. i will always remember looking over my shoulder at her working hard on that early early morning. working hard with me and for me. when some of the gang showed up after 7am at my place to head on out i turned to her and asked if her blue new jersey t-shirt was what she planned on wearing. she was confused until i finished with “because WE would like you to wear this.” and held out her very own FTX shirt.

the surprise on her face is the look of an unassuming person. someone who gives without expecting to receive. it is the very same look i have seen on so many of you.

i thank you all so very much and always look forward to seeing you again.




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