FTX Downtown 2 – People Get Ready!!!!

FTX Downtown 2 Flyer
FTX #14

hi everyone, shyam here from the french toast & hugs gang!!
well it’s the closing of another year and just enough time for me to squeeze an FTX flyer into your stocking!!

for FTX it has been an amazing year.

FTX Downtown in Los Angeles on January 25th, 2009 and FTX Love in Philadelphia on July 4th, 2009.

with those two events combined we fed close to 1,000 people!!

for me it’s hard to believe that it was THIS year that we did FTX Downtown in Los Angeles.
it feels so long ago and was such an epic moment in my life. at least 5 hours of cooking with an estimated 500+ people fed.

i want you to know that the next FTX, our 14th, will be our very first sequel.

that’s right FTX DOWNTOWN 2!!!!

(the hardest decision i had about it was whether or not to use Rocky roman numerals in the title!)

one year later we will return to the same spot on the same weekend!!

Sunday, January 24th, 2010
6th & Towne, Los Angeles

here is a map of the location:

while planning this FTX i had two key words in mind. soul & abundance.

each ftx I make a compilation cd that I hand out for free and for fun.
you can find the past soundtracks here:

for this next soundtrack the word is soul. the songs range mainly from the 1960’s to the 70’s and all have a soulful / spiritual feel to them. only one song doesn’t feel like that to me but it has “soul” in the title so it slid in on a technicality!

for the event the word is abundance. you may remember that at our last FTX Downtown we ran out of syrup and fruit and the bred barely held out just to the end. this time i plan to not run out of anything. i aim to have cases of strawberries and bottles of maple syrup left over at the end of it all. for example usually i bring out 4 or 5 costco sized bottles of maple syrup. this time i have 22.

if you were weren’t with us this past January then let me give you a brief description of what it’s like on 6th & Towne. for years on Sundays, the missions have people in need line up for free food. when we got there the line was all ready to go! so we set up our tables and grills and started to cook. there are plenty of jobs for people who want to make extra batter, cut the fruit and assemble the plates for the people waiting in line (i have plenty of food service plastic gloves for the people handling the food). as always we have both trash and recycling bags set up that will need to be swapped out when they are full. we even had people holding the yellow “do not cross” caution tape up to help keep the line in order.

i’ve found there are plenty of places to park your cars but not yourselves! you could always bring a chair if you needed to but from what i saw most everyone was standing – either in lines to receive food or helping to hand out food.

my plan is to set up at around 8am on Sunday January 24th with my stoves, coolers and a fold-out table. (if anyone can offer to loan another table please email me back and i’ll arrange to pick it up.)

on January 24th, i’ll post a last minute FTX update on our facebook FTX wall in case you are wondering if it is still happening. to find and sign up for the facebook ftx page please go here:


and of course our official page:


so come on down on January 24th, pick up a stellar FTX soundtrack and lend a helping hand.
until then check out FTX 38’s recent mini ftx movie compiled from quicktimes from two of the events (FTX #11 – Auckland & FTX #12 – Downtown Los Angeles).



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