People Get Ready

hey gang i hope your 2009 is going great. for FTX it has been an amazing year.

FTX Downtown in Los Angeles and FTX Love in Philadelphia.

those two events combined we fed close to 1,000 people!!

for me it’s hard to believe that it was THIS year that we did FTX Downtown in Los Angeles. it feels so long ago and was such an epic moment in my life. at least 5 hours of cooking with an estimated 500+ people fed.

i want you to know that the next FTX will be our very first sequel.
that’s right FTX DOWNTOWN 2!!!!
(the hardest decision i had about it was whether or not to use Rocky roman numerals in the title!) 🙂

one year later we will return to the same spot on the same weekend!!

Sunday, January 24th, 2010
6th & Towne, Los Angeles

while planning this FTX i had two key words in mind. soul & abundance.

for the soundtrack (which is pretty much complete) it is soul. the songs range mainly from the 50’s to the 70’s and all have a soulful / spiritual feel to them. only one song doesn’t feel like that to me but it has “soul” in the title so it slid in on a technicality! 😉

for the event it is abundance. you may remember that at our last FTX Downtown we ran out of syrup and fruit and the bred barely held out just to the end. this time i plan to not run out of anything. i aim to have cases of strawberries and bottles of maple syrup left over at the end of it all.

and so i hope you can make it out because (and i know i’ve said it before) i can’t do it alone and i wouldn’t want to! 🙂 you are all such an inspiration to me and turning to my left and to my right and seeing my friends out there making such a huge difference is something i will remember always.

but before the event drops into downtown LA like a love bomb (to quote FTX 6) i want to offer a special invitation to all gang members to become part of FTX history.

to be on the cover of the next flyer & soundtrack!!!!!

my plan is simple.

a couple of sundays before January 24th at around 9am we meet up in our FTX shirts at 6th & Towne. the food line will be there waiting for the missions to feed them. i’m going to have the gang line up in the street with your backs to me as you face the food line. the photo will be of you and your numbers with the food line trailing out into the distance.

after the photo we can tell the people in the line that in only a couple of weeks time we will be there with all the FTX love we can serve up. love bomb delivered.

so if you are interested in being part of this unique photo shoot, then dust off your shirt and get ready! i will email the date and time for the shoot nearer to the end of this year.

and so it begins. our 14th FTX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

flying in for it all the way from melbourne australia will be our one and only FTX 14!!!!

but to pull off Downtown 2 i realized i needed more than a gang. i needed an army!!!!

so without furthur delay allow me the honor to introduce our newest FTX recruits!!!!!!!!









they say there is power in numbers….
i say there are legends in numbers.

see you in january


In Order Top Left To Right & Bottom Left To Right: FTX 41, FTX 52, FTX 53, FTX 54, FTX 56, FTX 32/FTX 57/FTX58
In Order Top Left To Right & Bottom Left To Right: FTX 47, FTX 52, FTX 53, FTX 54, FTX 56, FTX 32/FTX 57/FTX58

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