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hey everyone it’s me again. i tell you when it rains it pours and that simple fact was confirmed to me as i stood outside in nyc all last night for work. 😉

well the same goes for FTX. after what usually is months and months between my posts here is another couple of pieces of important news for you.

henry cline, Mr. FTX #38 himself, has been busy. now let me tell you about henry. he’s the kind of guy who puts an abundance of hard work, detail and excitement into everything he does.  a truly unsung FTX hero. the first comparison to henry i can personally think of is my mom growing up. now i know, it sounds kind of funny, this grown man reminding me of my mom but before you laugh let me tell you why.

growing up, my mom every morning woke up early and made my sisters and myself breakfast. not just a box of cereal mind you, not some of those modern pre-fabricated breakfast/lunch packs – but a genuine straight out of a tv show breakfast. i’m talking french toast (of course!), german pancakes with powdered sugar, apple cinnamon pancakes, cottage cheese pancakes, eggs, bacon with brown sugar, corn mush – the list could go on and on an on. and it’s not that she just woke up and made us breakfast. it’s also not that she just followed some recipe and fed our bodies. it’s the fact that she tweaked the recipes when she heard us comment how we liked one thing better than another, it’s how she was always there taking care to give us the best breakfast she knew how to do. it’s the LOVE that she put into it in addition to the effort.

and that’s what henry does for FTX. not only was he excited to do the FTX Downtown slideshow. not only did he agree and push me to use The Band’s song “The Weight” as the music for this most special event. he sent me TEN VERSIONS of the song!!!! i’m talking live versions, cover versions, remastered versions – the list could go on and on and on. sound familiar?

eventually he decided on a live version. and i love it. so when you get some time go to the following link and check out the slideshow. whether you were there or not i believe you will be inspired by it. at the very least it will put a smile on your face. 🙂


and lastly henry has been working hard at getting all the images from all the past 12 events on the site. currently you can find FTX 1 thru 4, 7, 8 & 12. check out the pics here if you have a moment:


until the next bit of news i wish you all the best.
i wish you to have people like henry in your life.

love shyam

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