ftx 13 playlist now streaming

if you want to love along with the rest of the gang, but cannot make it to phillie tomorrow, try listening along

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  • Henry Cline

    I am have way through this playlist


    Shyam, you have truly out done yourself!

  • all I can say is ‘Thank You’. your site is beautiful…your generosity is infectious….your play lists are soooooo good I can hardly stand it…and finally…your gang is the ONLY gang I have ever wanted to join!
    thank you from the bottom of my heart! i really hope i get to meet the ‘gang’ the next time you are in LA/OC. who knows…maybe i’ll have to travel to one of your out of town gathers.
    sending you love and every good wish I can muster!

  • Messrob, Howie, Sandra and Aysha stayed at my place while in Philly. It is awesome what you guys are doing… God Bless!!

  • thanks donna for the nice comment!

    i know mez, howie, my mom and asha had a wonderful time at your home!! thanks so much for that!


    ftx 1

  • thank you shawn for your comments!!!!
    i have to admit they are some of the nicest i have ever gotten! 🙂

    ftx 1