FTX Interview On KCRW’s Good Food Re-Broadcast This Saturday, July 4th, 11am PST

hey everyone, in honor of ftx love in philadelphia this saturday, legendary santa monica radio station KCRW is re-broadcasting my interview from earlier this year on saturday july 4th at 11am PST.

if you aren’t in the california area to listen to it live then go to their website for a live stream of the show on saturday morning:


(click the live button on the top of the page).

my deep thanks to harriet & evan of good food for doing this!!!!

ftx 1

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  • Lynn

    I love what you are doing, it’s great idea. French toast (that my dad made) has always been my favorite breakfast – using plain white bread. I’ve recently discovered Rudi’s Organic bread — Cinnamon Raisin — and it makes AMAZING french toast.

  • dear lynn,
    thanks so much for the nice comment!

    if you would like to be kept up to date on where
    we are doing our next french toast and hugs event please sign up your email on our page:


    i will have to keep rudi’s organic bred in mind!!


    ftx 1