FTX Roll Call / FTX Gold

FTX Roll Call / FTX Gold

To my dear FTX Gang,

It’s been a year and a half since my last FTX Roll Call letting you know about our newest Gang members.

Since then we’ve done two FTXs!!!! Paris and Standing Rock.

Please allow me to introduce you to our ten newest members.

In Gang number order:

FTX 74
He’s the Jam to my Toast. We met in the Namibian desert in 2012.
A can-do guy, Bodie always has multiple ways to get past any hurdle.
Which helps greatly when you are griddling up some tasty bred on the sly from the local authorities.
After our shared FTX Namibia success I was lucky enough to find Bodie able to come to FTX Paris from his new home in London.

FTX 75
I’ve known Scott since 2003. That’s right, it took me 13 years to get my slow bones to inducting this legend.
Scott is easily one of the most unassuming and yet big hearted and capable people I’ve ever met. Even at his great height he has the ability to be invisible, always watching and waiting for just the moment to lend that hand when it is needed most.
I am forever grateful for his invitation to make Pain Perdu in Paris last year.
Thank you Scott!

FTX 76
All things are connected and Scott’s invitation to Paris led me to Emmanuelle.
Boundless positive energy, Emmanuelle threw herself into FTX Paris and made it very clear to me that she wanted into our Gang.
I’ve always believed saying what you want is great way to get it.
Emmanuelle, I will be forever blessed that you did.
And as always, life throws you the unexpected. Like her one of a kind blue sleeved and yet gold number FTX shirt. A mishap at the printers or were her Gang colors always meant to be unique? Just like our Emmanuelle.

FTX 78
Juniper FTX’s first kitty kat!!!!

Dearest Junebug. The best of friends to our FTX 3 and our co-founder Daisy, FTX 1. A little know fact is that Juniper was invited into our Gang right at it’s fruition. And in true cat style, turned us down cold. Stone Cold that is. But in the 14 years of FTX her heart softened to us strange kidz and when her ‘special delivery’ FTX Gang tag arrived last July I am told she wore it with pride and spunk.

From my deepest well of sadness I am sorry to write that lil June passed on a little over two months later. I believe she was greeted by her friend Daisy as well as FTX 0 – Jasmine. I will love you forever my little orange friend. You were and are the best of the bests.

FTX 79
I met James in Detroit in 2014.
And boy was I lucky I did.
If I was to sum up James it would be integrity.
Sure he’s funny, quirky, and loving like the rest of us. But behind all of his traits there is this beautiful golden thread of integrity.
I deeply admire James and am constantly astonished at how much our little Gang means to him. After his first FTX in Detroit he made it a point to fly out to our next two! Paris and Standing Rock. Two places not too easy to get to.
You can never have enough heart. And with James I can rest easy knowing our Gang will never have to worry about that.

FTX 80
I’ve known Jerry for just over a decade. A quiet observant guy (who’s into the heaviest of heavy metal) it takes you to think outside of yourself to get to know him. What I’ve learned most about Jerry aren’t from his words (although he is a successful writer) but from his actions. The way he cares for his family (both human and animal).
I have to say what impressed me most was during our journey to Standing Rock. He held down the fort at home so FTX 3 could support us. But what will stick with me always is when I asked him if he had been able to go would he have, even if his job might have had a problem with it. He told me he’d have gone. Which means risking his livelihood, his safety net, his future and those of his family for what he believed was right. And that my friends is how you make the world better.

FTX 88
I met Julien in Paris in 2016 and as has been the case with my closest of friends I look back and realize I had no idea of the greatness I was in the presence of at the time. Julien is all in. Whatever I needed to pull off FTX Paris he was there for. He was my second griller. I trusted him with reading in French my deep felt and emotional FTX Paris speech where I talked about the loss of Daisy (FTX 1) and Jasmine (FTX 0). Julien is a brother. I look to the day when I see him again.

FTX 107
Nick. Now let me tell you about Nick.

When Nick found out about the situation going on at Standing Rock he had a deep concern for how we as Americans were treating the First People. He asked him mom about it and what could be done. When Brandy learned about Nick’s concern about Standing Rock she asked if he could be a part of our epic (and life changing) journey. I knew Nick was a solid and heart driven young man who I could depend on. I immediately said yes. When we scooped him up in Nevada on our way to North Dakota I warned him that this wasn’t a vacation. He was going to be put to work. None of that phased him and on the day of FTX Standing Rock he became our key utility person. Getting the three grillers heaping mountains of challah, making sure the topping tables were fully stocked, and helping bringing the batter and its empty containers back and forth from the the prep table.
In all truth I can’t imagine doing it without him.
On the drive home I looked at him in the rearview mirror and asked if he had a lucky number. My subtle way of trying to pick his future FTX number. He said 7, because that was the age that was the best year of his life.

FTX 113
Richard is the husband of Belen, FTX 26. I met him thru her and was lucky enough to be at their wedding as well as see them grow into wonderful parents. He came to our FTX Downtown events in 2009 and 2010 which means this induction has been a long time coming. I’m so grateful he didn’t give up asking me to join. This Gang means a lot to me but I never lose sight of how incredible it is that people want in. I can’t express how touching that really is. Thank you Richard, we’re lucky to have you.

FTX 117
Ahhhh and my dear Sophie. I met Sophie thru FTX 75, Scott. Sophie is one of a kind. In a business that’s mostly about money here’s one of the good ones who makes it about people. Quick with a laugh and more than her share of mischief in her eyes I so do love our Sophie. She was the one who went with me that special morning in Paris when she asked l’Un Est l’Autre (in her native French) if they would allow us to do our event with them. It would not have happened without her. Stone Cold? Elle est pierre froide!!!!

And those are our newest 10 in a long list of future members.

Which leads me to our next event!!!!

That’s right!!!! Our 22nd FTX is happening this year and it’s called FTX Gold!!!!
Gold for Gold Coast, Australia. Right now I’m planning for Saturday September 2nd at the Broadwater Parklands Children’s Park.

Broadwater Parklands

Once I’ve locked it in I will let you know but I wanted to plant the seed in your head in case you wanted to come. The soundtrack is 99% done and it starts with AC/DC and ends with AC/DC and has our very own theme song “French Toast and Hugs” nestled in the center of the mix written by our very own FTX 23 – Sarah!!!!

Exciting times indeed. I’m so glad to have you all to share them with.

Love always,


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