September 23rd, 2012 – FTX Namibia Invite

While i was in Africa last year my internet was spotty at best and i was unable to post on our blog my invite to FTX #18 – Namibia.

I’m posting it here now for anyone interested in reading my thoughts one week before that amazing day. 🙂



ftx_18_namibia_flyerSeptember 23, 2012

FTX (French Toast & Hugs) Namibia – FTX #18

Swakopmund, Namibia

Children’s Park

It’s an incredibly vibrant sunny Sunday as I sit on the grass surrounding the children’s park located between the lighthouse and the beach here in Swakopmund, Namibia.

Kids are playing – turning strangers into friends instantly as only kids do. I see them eating homemade gelato and riding the swings standing up as they attempt to take flight.

The smell of french fries drifts over the Atlantic breeze to me.

And the Atlantic!! The darker ocean seems lighter now as we head out of winter into spring. The waves cascade and have changed from the stormy intensity from a few weeks back to the lull of a well earned hammock rest.

In one week’s time our 18th FTX (French Toast & Hugs) event will occur at this very spot.

As always free french toast & hugs for all!!!!


But this FTX is different than all the rest.

Unlike the big bustling cities we’ve had them in before, Swakopmund is a sleepy seaside town.

Mere days upon arriving here for work almost four months ago I learned of the vast number of orphans.

Kids walking long distances to go to school Monday thru Friday for the opportunity to learn and have a meal.

The volunteers at the schools don’t know what the kids eat on the weekends and if they are living with friends or family.

I knew immediately those months ago that this FTX was for them.

It’s been a long journey since June filled with uphill battles making this FTX our first officially approved one.

There have also been numerous moments of grace as I quickly made new friends (like the kids in the park) who carried a load I could not do alone.

Because that is the truth of our gang.

No one can do it alone.

And no one has to.

We’ve arranged for 300 kids to be brought to the park next week and we plan to feed them as well as anyone else who stumbles by on our day of unconditional love.

Many of the kids have never seen the ocean.

Most I am sure have never had french toast.

And I don’t plan on running out!


FTX Roll Call!!!!

  • 100 loaves of freshly baked challah bred
  • 100 dozen eggs
  • 60 bottles of Canadian maple syrup
  • 40 cans of Italian whipped cream
  • 20 pallets of strawberries
  • 20 kilos of bananas
  • 20 liters of homemade gelato (cinnamon, chocolate, coconut & vanilla)

and on and on and on….

And so I sit here. On a sunny African day far from home. But home is where the heart is and I find it in you.

Next week wish us luck and good fortune as we raise a little in items for these boys and girls.

Wish us a sunny breezy day where strangers become friends – for kids and adults alike.

But most of all give us love if you can as we hope to fill their bellies and hearts

if only for a day.




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