ftx auckland – the beginning….

well i really feel like it’s begun.

although it began on january 19th when i put my coleman stove in my luggage and carried it all the way to auckland nz.

not heeding the naysayers in the film production office that said it wouldn’t be allowed thru customs or was “not essential”.

instead as always with ftx i found it simple and easy to get the job done and was welcomed into auckland with a grin and a laugh by the local customs agents.

grill in auckland!!!!

next was to find some propane which was easy too at the nearby kathmandu camping store.

after that i started to slowly scout auckland for the correct location. But doug smith, my supervisor out here, immediately knew it should be at the viaduct.
the main tourist drag here in auckland at the edge of the water. a marina filled with shops and ferrys.

i scouted it for two weeks and found the perfect spot. the marina behind me with its green/blue waters and a nice brick paved sidewalk.
the weather here in auckland is constantly changing from rain to sun and in our location there are plenty of ticket buildings
that sell tickets for the ferrys. these buildings have awnings to cook under in case the weather gets inclement.
what’s really great is the ticket buildings all have the windows facing the water with their awnings facing the street where i’ll be.
if it does rain i’ll be able to cook under their protection without them even knowing it! 😛

viaduct location in auckland!!


my next step was to find some coolers and a boombox to play out my yet to be completed ftx auckland mix. i asked emms, an assistant at work,
and before i could finish my sentence of “i’ve got this french toast gang….” she immediately interrupted me and said
“what can i do to help!” i told her i needed 2 coolers and a boombox and before i finished that sentence she was on her phone
and ordered me up 2 coolers and promised to bring in her very own stereo.

sounds pretty stone cold to me….

then i started to spread the word to the crew all of whom immediately got excited about the endeavor.
george, a cameraman, asked me if i’d like him to try and get “flight of the conchords” to show up and play.
now if you’ve never heard of this comedy music duo or seen their hbo show then you’re in for a treat.
my girl brandy introduced me to them and they are hilarious. i believe they’ve won 2 grammys and are a huge success
for local guys from new zealand. now i don’t know if it will happen but how amazing to have that offered up to me. again without any effort on my part!

george said he’d email them because he’s friends with them and will see what they say.


my next step was to pick a date which i did. april 20th. sunday.
unless the weather is predicted to be extremely bad on the 20th (which i will then move it to saturday the 19th).

the next item was of course to find the food. the best of foods really. i mentioned to some people if they knew where i could
find good breds, especially hawaiian sweet breds and jewish challah breds. i was unable to find any at the local grocery store
but then dianne, the script supervisor on the show the day after i mentioned it to her sent me a link for a synagogue where i can buy challah!


then i asked our caterer and not only did they give me an 800 number to order breds (of which i will get sourdough and french)
but the name of the local costco type warehouse food store here. it’s called gilmours and i went in today to buy some early
supplies like cinnamon, maple syrup and powdered sugar. well you need to have your own business to shop there but they
don’t ask for a business # or proof of your business. an ethical question to be sure but after thinking on it i realized
ftx IS my business. so i put that down and the Indian lady taking my paperwork just laughed and opened up an account
for me under “french toast and hugs”. again so simple.



and now with all that done i can sit back and wait for the day to arrive. putting together my music and gradually getting supplies.

currently i have 5 people flying in for the event! brandy, tara, messrob, michelle and leah. my apartment here is on the water and is a big 3 bedroom ready to accommodate anyone willing to make the trek.

and with that i leave you to your weekend and hope it is as good and easy as my ftx preparations have been.

xo. -shyam.

1 week later….

my company card

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