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i was recently emailed about another blog post about our recent FTX Downtown 2 event that occurred on January 24th, 2010. the blog is called “Social Political Art”. thanks so much to whoever wrote it!!!! 🙂

you can read it below or go to this link:


Let Them Eat French Toast

Last year my sweetheart heard a story about a guy (Shyam) who had fed French Toast to the needy and homeless on the streets of Los Angeles. When he has traveled for his work he has done the same thing in other cities around the world. This year he fed French Toast on January 24, 2010. He asked for volunteers so my sweetheart and I went downtown to 6th and Towne (skidrow) and helped.

Photo is of Shyam (in hat) cooking French Toast. Now the first question we asked was, “Why French Toast?” He felt it was a treat for the people on the street. He not only fed them French Toast but also topped it with Blueberries, Strawberries and Bananas and whipped cream and syrup
You can see in the above photo what the serving looked like. Here is a list of what he brought. 66 loaves of freshly baked challah bred!
60 Costco bins of blueberries!!
55 dozen eggs!!!
48 Costco bins of strawberries!!!! (half of all they had at my local store)
34 cans of whipped cream (not enough, not even close!)
22 bottles of 100% pure maple syrup!!!!!
100 limited edition FTX pins & soundtracks!!!!!!

and over 1,300 pieces of french toast!!!!!!! Also some of the volunteers brought bags and bags of oranges and cases of bottled water.

On that day he fed over 600 people.

Below is a video of singing from a group just down the street from
where the French Toast was being served. Video is about 40 seconds
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