FTX Downtown 2 Wrap-Up

February 3, 2010

FTX Downtown 2 Wrap-Up
FTX #14

66 loaves of freshly baked challah bred!
60 costco bins of blueberries!!
55 dozen eggs!!!
48 costco bins of strawberries!!!! (half of all they had at my local store)
34 cans of whipped cream (not enough, not even close!)
22 bottles of 100% pure maple syrup!!!!!
100 limited edition FTX pins & soundtracks!!!!!!
and over 1,300 pieces of french toast!!!!!!!


when i wrote that i was aiming for abundance at this FTX i wasn’t kidding! but the true abundance had absolutely nothing to do with anything i brought to FTX Downtown 2.

it was you.

back in 2003 when i first hit the dusty streets handing out fried bred and syrup i was lucky enough to have a few friends help me on my way. but more often than not people showed up to eat rather than to serve. and i have nothing against that! who wouldn’t want some tasty free french toast???? not many i found out. and that was just the way it was.

but word seems to have gotten out. because at this FTX i didn’t have the 10 to 15 helpers we had in 2009 at FTX Downtown 1 – we had at least 50!!!!

50 people who came to skid row to serve.

your actions humble me and give me faith in us all.

as always, after all the careful preparation, all i see at an FTX is my grill, some browning bred, the friends around me and the line stretched out in front of me.

but what i HEARD was music!!!!

arthur conley got it right when he asked “do you like good music!?”

music was bubbling up over behind me as the line began to sway and some people even began to dance! (my MOM at her second FTX was dancing even!!!!) i felt less and less of a separation between the servers and the served. what i felt and saw was a community. a community of friends, new and old, throwing down at the biggest street party in los angeles that day!!!!

so if you’ve got stories i’d love to hear them!
and if you’ve got photos i’d love to see them!!

please post any stories to our FTX blog. just scroll down to the bottom of the page found in this link and write away!


and if you have any pictures at all please email them to me or give me a shout on facebook and i can give you an email address to send them to. the higher the resolution the better since FTX 38 will use them at some point to make a slideshow of the day.

in case you couldn’t make it to FTX Downtown 2, the soundtrack is now streaming on our site and can be found here:


thanks everyone! i don’t know what FTX Downtown 3 will be like but i can’t wait to find out.
i do know that i’ll need a LOT more whipped cream! 🙂


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  • Henry

    I was looking forward to this even more than any other than I have had the privilege to be a part of. The first ftx event at 6th and Towne left a deep impression on me and I was incredibly moved when Shyam made the choice to do it again at the same location.

    I had chosen not to bring my son on the first trip to this area because I was not sure if he would have been ok amongst all the people, I also did not know what it was going to be like myself.

    This time my son Jack and my wife Jessica came down. We were a little late as I had to turn around and go home to get a valve in order to use the third grill that I was bringing. When we arrived everything was intensely full swing, the line was long, the grills were blazing and the music was blasting. I was so thankful that loud the speakers that had been set up the day we did the cd cover photo blaring music and talk were absent.

    After that I don’t remember much. I just dove in and started making ft. Jack was by my side as my “dipper” and boy did he do a great job. It was an intense few hours of cooking and what I remember best is that I got to stand side by side with Shyam’s mom!! It was an honor I can barely find the words to justify. She was great, as was everyone who helped out.

    Before leaving I was able to spend a few minutes talking to Shyam, who made a special effort to tell Jack what a great job he had done and how he was always there when Shyam turned around and needed an extra hand. I cannot tell you what a difference this makes to the world of an eight year old. And after having served hundreds of people to have the where with all to make my son feel important, it was a gorgeous moment on a beautiful day and I will remember it always.

  • wow. henry i don’t know what to say. except that the one clear and brilliant moment i had of FTX that whole day was at the end when i was talking to jack. not because of what i was saying (i don’t remember much of that) but because i felt good to have had the luck to look down on my apron and remember i had an FTX pin to give him. i’m so glad i did.
    he’s a great and special guy and you are one of the best dad’s i’ve ever seen.