ftx featured on story of my life!!!!

hi everyone.

life is so wonderfully surprising to me these days.

first the tremendous success of ftx downtown. it was and will always be something i will remember forever. something good that we all did. my friends. my family. my gang. i thank you with my full heart for donating your time and love to realizing this goal of mine.

and quickly following ftx downtown our beloved ftx #38, mr henry cline, got me an interview on KCRW!!!! well that was a first for me and i still can’t believe the responses i’ve been getting. ftx signup after ftx signup as people have been checking out our website (www.frenchtoastandhugs.com) and wanting to know more.

due to Evan Kleiman’s “Good Food” interview (and a big thanks to the show’s producer Harriet Ells) i was contacted by Tamar Burris. she is a professional writer who in addition to other places writes for the website “Story Of My Life”. (www.storyofmylife.com/) it’s a website where people write the stories of their lives as well as about other people they’ve come across.

Story Of My Life Featured Story

Tamar graciously offered to write a story on the origins of FTX. it was a really fun experience and like the “Good Food” interview i realized things about myself i didn’t know until I was saying them out loud to a stranger!

if you’d like to read her interview please check it out here:


it was only posted last night and as of my writing this right now it’s already had over 20,000 views!!!! unbelievable!! Thank you Tamar!! ☺

another great thing happening is that henry also uploaded a handful of his amazing ftx slideshows onto youtube. all the slideshows can be found on the ftx website (http://www.frenchtoastandhugs.com/docs/pages/slideshows.html) but i figure having them on youtube is a good idea too! if you do a youtube search for french toast hugs ftx you will find them. or you can try this link:


as many of you know, henry is the soul creator of our website. he runs it on his own time and on his own money. it is an act of pure love and these slideshows are something i am incredibly proud of. if i’m ever having a down day they are a quick reminder of what’s important. check them out when you have time.

i hope you all are doing well as spring is finally here. i will send out an email about FTX Philadelphia when i have more details. i am planning on doing it on the 4th of July but still have to pick a location. if any of you have one you want to recommend then please send it my way. also mark your calendars for our very first sequel!! that’s right FTX Downtown 2. i hope to return to the same place in downtown los angeles sometime this fall. i will keep you all posted but until then i wish you nothing but love.


ftx 1

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